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How to Join SAB

Get Involved! Join the Youth Leadership Development Program and Lead Through the Student Advisory Board

Thank you for your interest in Montage Initiative’s Youth Leadership Development Program! This program’s leaders, Student Advisory Board members, are presented with the opportunity to contribute input and do hands-on work through the projects of Montage Initiative. We believe that improving communities depends largely on the voices and ideas of young people. Therefore, we engage young adults through providing educational learning opportunities and professional development, and we welcome your participation.  

Why be a part of the Youth Leadership Development Program? 

Montage Initiative includes young people as partners and leaders in its works. Our model of a Student Advisory Board that assists in decision-making is unique in that it directly provides the fresh insights and perspective of students. Being a Student Advisory Board member involves professional growth, responsibilities, and high rewards: 

  •  Serving our local and global community through a non-profit organization 
  •  Developing skills and talents by engaging in professional-level work as students 
  •  Actively providing youth voices into Montage Initiative to make a difference
  •  Being part of a movement to connect people and ideals by helping, creating, and acting 

How to Apply

To be considered a student advisory board candidate must: 

  • Be a college or high school student. Recent graduates may also apply. 
  • Have a minimum of 2.8 GPA
  • Fill out an application form that includes a personal statement and transcript

Download Application Form here:

Please e-mail all questions and submit applications to