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Film Production

Film Production


We are in development! It is Montage Initiative’s mission to document our work through film and other multi-media avenues. For education and transparency, we will be documenting every aspect of our projects; from travel experiences to obstacles and interviews allowing a birds-eye view into the reality of launching an NGO and getting a first-time project off the ground.


Montage Initiative will also be using this material with additional footage to create its own feature film. This film will not only feature the Women of India, but also our partnering organizations that are inspiring others to become involved in reaching out to others in the world.


With 45 years of film and TV experience on the Montage Board, it is our goal to get this film into mainstream distribution and into international film festivals, highlighting issues surrounding poverty and tradition while raising awareness among new audiences.





The Montage Initiative

When two hearts share the same desire to make a difference, the difference between them and us is not simply the choices they make or the courage they possess - it is the destiny they share. 

Two women follow their day-to-day routine while building an organization that is much greater than themselves. Their friendship is the fertile ground for the seeds of Montage to grow into a powerful initiative. An organization dedicated to delivering training to women, developing their skills, improving their lives, and extending their reach because Montage not only connects women in India, but women around the globe. 

Learning is a two-way process and we are all players in one another’s destiny. During the process they will share their pain, their struggle and passion, their frustration, and their fears. We will laugh with them, cry with them, witness their wonder and their worry for what waits back home.  We will learn what it really takes to create an organization from idea to ideal, and see how their first project unfolds as they embrace the women of India and the women embrace them. With travel and funding difficulties, we also share in their personal journey and dilemmas, as well as the wit and humor that carry them through.  It is a voyage that shapes and creates them and one you will want to succeed. 

Join us. Share in our journey...


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