Montage Initiative was built by volunteers, and we still greatly depend on volunteer support. Volunteers do outreach in their communities, raise funds, and provide technical assistance for Montage Initiative and our Programs. As a volunteer, you’ll have opportunities to learn more about our work. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us advance our mission.


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We have various committees who support Montage Initiative’s work through community outreach, advocacy, and fundraising. Volunteering your time and treasure in support of our various annual events and activities allow Montage Initiative to continue to hit our goals of Building Peace, One Woman at a Time!

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Join Our Youth Leadership Team

Montage Initiative highly values the involvement and perspectives of youth in its works. Gain valuable insight into how small nonprofit organizations operate while being part of the decision-making process. Get hands-on experience with event coordination, program management and fundraising with a fair amount of flexibility to guide your own internship experience and responsibilities.

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Become A Board Member

Join the conversation! There are many great reasons to join a nonprofit board, including your own personal and professional development. But, ultimately, you will only succeed and have a good experience if you choose a cause you care about. And if you do care about it, it will be easy to do everything you can to help the organization to achieve success. Montage Initiative has limited openings for consideration.

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