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Current Projects
Montage Initiative is currently working on the following programs:
  • The Mahila Project - Women of India - enabling women from five villages in Vrindavan to extend their capabilities, finalizing ideas initially explored in better serving their needs. 
  • Youth Leadership Program - through our Youth Leadership Development program, Montage Initiative incorporates the voices and participation of young people in its projects. We feel that it is essential to offer education, professional opportunities, and youth empowerment for young adults, as they are the leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • Film Production - creating Mission-Driven Media, highlighting issues surrounding poverty and tradition while raising awareness to new audiences around the world. 
  • Student Immersion Trips - offering undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to travel to developing countries; the purpose of these trips focus on nurturing social responsibility in the students through a multi-disciplinary approach - by combining academic work with some basic field work, nurturing critical thinking and reasoning, engaging students intellectually and spiritually with world issues and issues of social justice along with gender equality.  We also engage students creatively through their method of recording their experiences, understanding different cultural narratives, and how to tell a story and share it with others. We fulfill our goals of embracing and developing the full creative and intellectual potential of students, to help them better understand the world from a number of different viewpoints.
We hope you will take some time to see what we are doing, support our organization and/or become a volunteer!
News and Events