Student Advisory Board

Montage Initiative is a United Nations-affiliated non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development and women’s empowerment locally and globally, and highly values the involvement and perspectives of youth in its works. Inspired by the leadership of Montage Initiative, two Fairfield University students decided that they wanted to impact decision-making in the organization further. This thought process resulted in the students developing Montage Initiative’s Student Advisory Board.

Through our Youth Leadership Development program, Montage Initiative incorporates the voices and participation of young people in its projects. We feel that it is essential to offer education, professional opportunities, and youth empowerment for young adults, as they are the leaders of today and tomorrow. Montage Initiative’s model for a Student Advisory Board that assists in decision-making is unique in that it gives young people a crucial role in Montage Initiative’s programs. The Student Advisory Board works alongside the Board of Directors to guide Montage Initiative and provide support to its leadership.

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The Student Advisory Board’s impact:

  • Presented at Montage Initiative’s events during the annual United Nations Commission for the Status of Women (CSW) 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 65 and 66
  • Organized and led a two-week Student Immersion Trip to India with community partners
  • Represent at United Nations functions, including the UN ECOSOC Youth Forums and the Annual Youth Assemblies at the UN
  • Arranged panels with global leaders, and film screening of White Rainbow
  • Partnered with Ciudad Mujer (City of Woman) project in El Salvador with UN Ambassador and diplomats
  • Raised awareness on gender issues through “History of Woman” Art Gallery at Quick Center for the Arts
  • Contributed to local initiatives, like Service Learning at Fairfield University and teaching young girls tech skills

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Why be a Student Advisory Board Member?

Montage Initiative highly values the participation of young people in its works, as youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow. As such, Montage Initiative’s model of a Youth Board that assists in decision-making is unique in providing the fresh perspective of young people in organizational leadership. An invitation to become a Youth Board member is extended to young professionals and students who have demonstrated strong leadership. Candidates should take this position into serious consideration and be aware of the responsibilities and time that it requires. While members are voluntary, they receive many rewards:

  • Making an impact and creating a difference through serving our local and global community via the services of a non-profit organization
  • Becoming part of a movement to connect people, voices, and shared ideals across the world for the purpose of giving, helping, and acting
  • Engaging in leadership through youth input into decision-making and programs of Montage Initiative
  • Practicing professional level work as youth, while contributing unique talents and energy to a non-profit organization
  • Learning new knowledge and skills through non-profit work, management, involvement, and training in issues of international affairs
  • Becoming a global ambassador, advocate, and spokesperson for positive change
  • Joining and benefitting from a supportive network of professionals, leaders, and other youth who are like-minded change agents and movers