“Through the sea of mud, women came. Women dressed in such bright colors which made your heart sing. They carried themselves with such dignity and grace and wore smiles that seemed in total contrast to the struggles they faced. The women’s empowerment groups did more than just empower or inspire these women. They empowered and inspired us, to do all we could and be more than who we were. This is the real face of India. It is the face of humanity. And she is beautiful, bold and determined.”


We use sponsor contributions for the empowerment of women in Vrindavan and the surrounding villages in India. Mahila is dedicated to giving women of India the opportunity to reach out of the depths of poverty through it’s innovative grassroots programs. Through Mahila, Montage Initiative promises to foster sustainable economic autonomy while encouraging confidence and independent innovation to promote peace, one woman at a time…


On our first trip to India , Montage Initiative visited the widows and rural women of Vrindavan and asked them what they truly needed. Two years later, the Mahila Sponsorship program was created to address their needs. Each of our programs is specifically designed to give the women of India exactly what they want, and supply the necessary resources to make sure they will never have to look for it again.


Part of monthly sponsorship contributions will go directly to individual women as financial aid to ease the daily tribulations of obtaining access to water, food, medicine, and basic education. The other portion will be attributed to three major Mahila programs to stimulate growth, enhance skill sets and encourage confidence in Mahila women in the following categories:

  • Microfinance Opportunities
  • Training & Education
  • Sanitation

The Mahila program is designed to give women in poverty what they want by providing them the resources that they lack. Your emotional and financial generosity is sincerely and deeply appreciated as the locomotive and the heart of this program.